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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Further Reading / Traces/ Ephemera

I am indebted to Howard Diner for drawing my attention to the following links.

Some Unpublished Letters of Jakob Wassermann to Samuel and Hedwig Fischer, by Geraint Vaughan Jones, first published in German Life and Letters, vol 3, issue 1, pp 20-31, October 1949

On Simplicissimus, of which Wassermann was editor for a time. Wassermann was appointed to the position - an influential one - while homeless: he had been living in a forest, having recently tried to burn down his uncle's clothing business. The arson attempt was an act of rebelliousness: his family wanted him to become respectable, but Wassermann wanted to be a writer - and as we all know, there is nothing less respectable than that! Wassermann, apparently, was responsible for giving Thomas Mann his first 'break' - encouraging Mann to contribute to the magazine.

(Again, I am grateful to Howard Diner for this information.)


The Masks of the Devil (MGM, 1928) - a film version of Wassermann's 1910 novel Die Masken Erwin Reiners


French poster for the film (thanks, again, to Howard Diner for drawing my attention to this)

L'affaire Maurizius (1954) French film version of The Maurizius Case

On Caspar Hauser: Enigma of a Century, which was made into a film -
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser - by Werner Herzog (1974)

On Wassermann's daughter Eva

On Wassermann's son Karl

(Go to page 50)

Wassermann's signature (from Howard Diner's private collection)

Wassermann commemorative medal (image courtesy of Howard Diner)

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